Benefits of Adapted Riding/Therapeutic Riding:

Focus - Riding a horse while working on independence for sport, recreation, and education.


Benefits - Increase quality of life and teach riding skills with adaptions as necessary.


Lessons - Are lead and organized by PATH Intl and CHA, Inc. trained riding instructors


Benefits from Therapeutic Riding may include but are not limited to:

Riding Skills

Horsemanship skills

following directions, verbal, tactile & visual cues

Safety/environmental awareness

Self-esteem building

Leisure Awareness

Skill Building


Team Work


Building Relationships

Social Awareness


Thinking skills - problem solving

Coping Skills


Therapeutic Riding teaches skills to participants as a recreational activity. The participant learns to influences the horse to reach the goals.
You may want to consider adaptive riding/therapeutic riding if
- the participant wants to learn how to ride a horse and about the skills that go along with it 
- the participant needs adaptions for riding that other barns may not be able to provide i.e., seating, postural alignment, patience.