Our Programs

We teach the fundamentals of horsemanship safety and compassion for everyone we encounter. We

believe that all riding and animal based activities are therapeutic and all of us have special needs and abilities! We see it is our place to help educate the community and participants about the unique nature of the animal:human bonds that help us to find peace. We utilize industry standards of PATH, Inc., AHA and CHA, Inc. Ensuring the highest level of safety and education of our program managers. We coach folks up!

Making a Difference

focusing on developing Independence, confidence and character. Our core values revolve around access and inclusion; compassion and caring; cooperation and collaboration; education, excellence in all that we undertake; innovation, integrity and accountability; professionalism; service by providing effective and responsive information and programs to our participants; and using a holistic approach to our endeavors - promoting awareness of mind, body and spirit in equine assisted activities and therapies!


Adaptive Riding/Therapeutic Riding/Equine Assisted/Animal Assisted Activities opens new pathways of physical, mental and emotional rehabilitation. The rhythmic and rocking gait of the horse transfers a gentle three-dimensional movement to the rider that relaxes muscles, improves muscle tone, flexibility and balance, and enhances spatial awareness. Outdoors with a team of encouraging volunteers and a supportive horse, self-control, self-esteem, self-confidence and independence grows. Rehabilitation becomes a joy rather than a chore.

Therapy and Recreation

Learning that all people are different and have a variety of skills and talents is what we do best.  Inclusion is not taken for granted and we pair up kids with similar ages to work together to improve both of their abilities. 


Families get to participate together to not exclude anyone, but boy is it amazing to see the skills for all kids improve!



Horse Day Camps

Our camp sessions give horse loving boys and girls the opportunity to spend plenty of time with these wonderful animals. Campers are divided into groups, based on their ability, to provide riders with activities appropriate to their skill levels. In addition, campers take part in the daily grooming, tacking up and care of the horse or pony assigned to them. Campers also participate in activities that promote good horsemanship as well as crafts and other outdoor activities, i.e. water play, scavenger hunts, etc.