General Information

RCTRC, Inc. operates year round - with breaks in the schedule publicised in advance.  Lesson fee structure inludes both ground and astride lesson per week - so there is always something to work on whether in the barn or arena. Scholarships may be available (See below for application).  Please contact our Program Director for more information.

ASTM-SEI Helmets

We follow PATH Intl. and CHA, Inc. standards of practice that state all participants must wear an ASTM-SEI equestrian helmet, regardless of age, ability level, experience, etc. 


If you choose to bring your own helmet - we will make sure that it is fitted correctly - prior to participation. 


Volunteers are available to assist novice riders.


Weight limit for astride activities is 180 lbs. 


Lessons will be Ground-work,  English, Western or bareback depending on the needs of the student.  Horsemanship is our focus - kindness to animals and others is our goal!

Trained Instructors

All lessons are taught by trained instructors.  PATH Intl. and/or CHA, Inc. We also are pursuing EAGALA certifications.  It is important to be as up-to-date so that we are current. 


In addition, in 2013 RCTRC was granted level 1 Parelli training materials.

Registration Forms
  • All registration forms must be completed prior to participation.

  • All registration forms must be completed annually. 

  • All students must sign up for a minimum of 4 weeks consequtively - one-time lessons are not permitted.

  • 2016 Forms are still good for 2017