Occupational Therapy: Hippotherapy

We may want to consider hippotherapy as the treatment strategy if the prospective participant may or may not already be receiveing tradtional occupational therapy as the goals related to participation are physical, behavioral, sensorimotor, commuicative.

Focuses on individual needs to improve abilities to function in their daily environment. 


Goals are to increase functional performance through gains in mobility, posture, balance, motor planning, strength, coordination.


Outcomes may include but are not limited to:

midline orientation

shoulder/hip stabilization

head/trunk control

bilateral coordination & balance

endurance & mobility

improve muscle tone

increase respiratory functioning

facilitate normalized functional gait

sensory processing/sensory integration

develpment of functional communication skills

muscle strengthening

improve multisystem processing

motor/cognitive planning, preplanning and sequencing

fine motor control/dexterity


Therapist's use this treatment stategy utilizing the movment of the horse and equine assisted activities to influence therapy based goals.  The horse influences the client to produce the response.  

Cost:  Hippotherapy is a treatment strategy incorporated by a physical, occupational or speech therapist and is often covered by insurances.  Subject to benefit verification and the descretion of the therapist.