Frequently Asked Questions 

Got questions about volunteering at RCTRC? To help out we have provided answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. Can't find the answer you are looking for then contact the Volunteer Coordinator, at or 304-690-6423


Who can volunteer?

At the heart and soul of RCTRC's programs are the Volunteers. Anyone ages 14-15 with prior horse experience or 16 years old+ can apply for volunteering opportunities at RCTRC. Our volunteers run the gambit from retirees to students, but they are all at RCTRC to make a difference. Whatever your experience with horses or persons with special needs we encourage you to join the RCTRC team. Our skilled instructors and staff will train you on everything you need

What do Volunteers do?

Volunteers can be involved in so many ways. Find out more...



How do I get started volunteering at RCTRC?

Call or email to sign up for a New Volunteer Training Session. Please either fax, email, mail or drop off your completed volunteer application before attending the New Volunteer Training. All volunteers wishing to volunteer in therapeutic riding and hippotherapy sessions must attend a 3 hour New Volunteer Training session. After attending a New Volunteer Training session, volunteers who are successful in walking and jogging in the grass arena throughout the training, will be able to sign up as Side Walkers in class. Volunteers wishing to horse lead in class must additionally attend and pass a 2 hour Horse Handling Clinic. Separate individual trainings can be arranged with the Volunteer Coordinator for people wishing to volunteer solely in the office or as muckers.


What should I wear?

Shoes: Hard-soled shoes are preferred (hiking shoes or boots) but sneakers are okay. (You may end up with a pile of sand in your shoes if you wear sneakers.) Hard toed shoes are preferred. Shoes must be tied securely. Open-toed shoes, sandals, and slip-on shoes are not permitted. •Weather: Dress appropriate for the weather; dressing in layers is often a good choice. Though we wish for an indoor arena, you will be outside in the arena. •Appropriate Clothing: No spaghetti strap tops/shelf bras. Proper undergarments must be worn and tank tops must have thick straps and cannot be too low in the front. Shirts must cover your stomach. No clothing with beer/alcohol/drug references or foul language. Shorts must be at mid-thigh or longer. No skirts; skirts are not considered appropriate/safe attire. Riding Pants may be worn - but please do not wear leggings that don't have your rear-end covered by a long shirt as it is VERY distracting!


If I want to visit RCTRC should I make an appointment?

YES Please!. We do prefer that a site-visit is scheduled. Scheduling a site-visit allow us to arrange one of our staff members to be available to escort you safely around the property and answer all your questions. We do require all visitors to check in at the main office so if you are just stopping by please check in with us. 


RCTRC holds classes 3 days a week (Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday). Our hours of operation vary from session to session depending on the needs of our participants but staff is always on site.