Our Therapists are horses

They are specially trained to tolerate a variety of experiences from cries to giggles, walkers to wheelchairs, frustration to exhilaration. New scientific research continues to reveal critical information about equine sentience- their abilities of perception, cognition, memory, and emotions such as pain and fear. Equines are able to perceive, respond to and learn from the impressions they receive from minimal sensory stimuli. These abilities are based in natural, biological, physiological, and psychological traits of equines. Each equine is unique in personality, and has individual likes, dislikes and habits.


But people are needed to lead, mentor and change the lives of those they come in contact with. The Leadership team of RCTRC is ecclectic. 

Connie Sue Boggess

Serving multiple roles since founding RCTRC, Inc. in 1994, Connie serves as the Executive Director and Program Coordinator.  She also is a Recreational Therapist and Occupational Therapist. 

Board of Directors

Being a not-for-profit - we are lead by a group of community volunteers, parents, physicians and lay-folk who support and advise our programs. 

Sarah Hacker

Sarah started out in 2005 taking riding lessons, then volunteering and now serving as Volunteer Coordinator. 


She attended Potomac State College, has recieved her Certification from CHA - Certified Horsemanship Association.


She works at the Disney Store and volunteers her time at RCTRC 20-25 hours per week!

Kimberli Schuman

Kim joined RCTRC as a volunteer in 2005, she is one of our biggest supporters and avocates -  taking pictures of our activities and spreading the word about our programs. 


Kim is a professional chef, she is a licensed massage therapist and she volunteers her time to RCTRC to take pictures and videos. She markets RCTRC daily!!!! She volunteers 10 + hours per week. 


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